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Jet Black Cassanova - 2013

The Liar

Jet Black Cassanova

That Look

I'm Taking A Chance

Right Where I Want To Be

Wanna Satisfy

Mama Loves

I Wish You Were Here

What Will I Say

Flying High (BONUS)

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The Orange Album - 2012

Sunday afternoon
 Several exception
 Girl talk
 Dancing with your lover
 Keep it coming
 Power to dance
Strung out
 82 was a killer
 More than a minute
 My kinda guy

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Bring It On EP 2011

Bring It On
Every Little Thing
Fall Into My Arms Tonight
Mystical Persuasion

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Every Little Thing  2011


Every Little Thing


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Holy D -  2010


Featured, and performing

all background vocals on single

"Reach Out & Touch"

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Keepin Love New EP 2010

Keepin love new remix
Keepin love new instrumental
Next to you
Running out of time

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Holy D - 2008


Featured, and performing

all background vocals on LP


Family Snapshots 2003

It's time for love
I think about you
Spend the night
Caught up
Let's just give it some time
I just wanna satisfy
Girl I need your love
Take away the pain
Right here right now
My lady
I'm sorry
All or nothing

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Johnson & Branson 2 2002

Packed & Waitin
So fine dance mix 2003
Still in love with you
Love it like you do
Say you will
Hang around me
It really doesn't matter
You'll never need
Just a chance
King of fools
Every little thing
Mystical persuasion
Freak night on a weeknight

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2 Pac - Greatest Hits  1998


Produced remix with Battlecat

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Tom Jones  1994

"the lead and how to swing it"


Written & Produced with

John McClain and Battlecat

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"The Five Heartbeats" 1992

 I Feel Like Going On

Duet with Billy Valentine for the movie 


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Barry White 1991


Written & Produced with Barry White

"Put Me In Your Mix"

Johnson & Branson 1 1989

Call me  up
Find me another
Jockin me
Heaven bound
Let's get to know each other better
She's the best
All my heart
Still lookin
She still loves him
So much emotion
Midnite lady

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Perfect Timing 1986

(Donna Allen)


featured on song Perfect Timing


The Vision 1985

Stand up
So tuff
Outta my head
You've got a lot to learn
Show me how
All we have is love
Older girl

Doin It My Way 1984

My way
Jump into fire
Let's take time out
Missing you
Much too much
You're the one I've needed
Let this dream be real
Everywhere I go

Keepin Love New 1982

Keepin love new
Forever falling in love
Take me through the night
Jam song
So glad you're my lady
So fine
Say you wanna
This is heaven



Niteflyte 2 1980

You are
You're breaking my heart
Anyway you want
Sexy dancer
Own your own
Shoot from the hip
Alicia's song
I knew it couldn't happen

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Niteflyte 1 1979


All about love
If you want it
Make it right
Get on the fun
Trying to find
I wonder
Easy come
No two alike